Birth Mother Support
Over many decades, Gladney has provided discreet, personalized maternity services to over 37,000 birth mothers of all ethnicities. Each birth mother’s life story tells of crossroads, pain and, finally, immense hope for her baby’s future and her own. Gladney birth mothers always have choices coupled with supportive counsel. One will choose the privacy and security of our on-campus maternity dormitory. Another will choose to remain in her own community setting. Either way, she is closely connected to Gladney. Funding for her Gladney journey doesn’t cease working on a birth mother’s behalf until she has gone through Gladney’s Next Steps program to prepare her for life after Gladney.
Foster Adoption
Of about 30,000 Texas children living under Child Protective Services care, some 3,000 annually are permanently removed from their homes by the courts and languish in foster care awaiting adoption. These Waiting Children are top of mind among Gladney’s New Beginnings team members as they work closely with CPS agencies across the state to match them with Gladney’s carefully recruited, trained, approved and waiting adoptive parents.
Adoption Services
Gladney’s family-for-life services provide both domestic and international adoptive families with pre- and post-adoption support services – research, training, home studies, clinical counseling and referrals. These services by Gladney professionals are so advanced and comprehensive that they provide a significant competitive point of difference between Gladney Center for Adoption and all other adoption providers around the country.
Adoption Education
Teens and young women in an unplanned pregnancy are easily confused by the dissenting advice they receive at this critical turning point of their lives. Gladney’s outreach and education team focuses on the employed staff members of every key agency, educator and medical office in targeted areas to whom a pregnant woman might turn for guidance. Using lunch-n-learns, message training, relationship building and vigorous collaboration, these referral sources become Gladney’s “second team”, sharing with her an informed, clear, meaningful message about the option of adoption for her unborn child. More than 50% of Gladney birth mothers contact us after seeking help from one of these important outreach referral sources.
Humanitarian Aid
When an international adopting family returns from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe or Latin America, their hearts are joyful for the children in their arms but sorrowful for those left behind. Fewer than one percent (1%) of the 143 million orphaned children in the world will be placed for adoption.