What is a GFA?

From diapers to dating, from terrible twos to treacherous teens - these are the joys of parenthood. As children make life's journey from cradle to college and beyond, parents do their best to raise them well, struggling to make informed decisions, hoping for lasting health and happiness. As members of the GFA, families do not walk this path alone - they have the support of others who share similar life experiences.

The benefits of the Gladney Family Association participation include.

  • Adoptive parents receive consistent support and encouragement, from the time they are approved and waiting until their children reach adulthood.
  • Adults receive parenting and post adoption information and support.
  • Children develop friendships with other adopted children and discover that adoption is not uncommon.
  • GFA groups sponsor fun and exciting social, cultural and family events.
  • Families develop lifelong friendships.
  • The opportunity to give back to The Gladney Center by leading and supporting fundraisers.


The National Council oers GFA ocers and members a group of experienced mentors in key areas to enhance the overall GFA experience. The National Council provides guidance to GFA leadership as well as being a liaison between the center and the GFAs.