Tell Your Story

Share Your Adoption Story

Gladney gathers stories and photos to share with our donors, partners, birth parents and families as a way to show the personal impact of their support (and in hopes they’ll continue to give support and connect with Gladney in other ways by adopting, volunteering, and/or advocating). We like to use stories and photos as a way to raise awareness about what adoption looks like today and show how adoption offers hope and changes lives.

We have various social media, e-newsletters, and print communications, so there are multiple ways that stories and photos are used in print and online (and also within grant applications when requesting support for Gladney’s programs and services). Just so you know, for confidentiality purposes, we do not share last names when we use stories and photos that clients submit.

When we use stories, what we use is always dependent on the particular piece/project and available space, so we often just use portions of the stories that clients submit. We sometimes have to make edits (for example, taking out staff members’ names if necessary or correcting grammar/punctuation).