If you want to Split the cost of a reserved table, please contact Susanne Smith @ 817-922-6005 or Susanne.smith@gladney.org. She will be happy to assist you.

Event Registrant Name, Address, Email
Event Fee(s)
$ 4,000.00
14 Guests; Prime Location; Corsage; Gifts; Table, Material, and Signage Recognition
$ 2,500.00
10 Guests; Corsage; Gifts; Material and Signage Recognition
$ 1,000.00
4 Guests- 2 Dads and 2 Daughters; Gift; Material Recognition
$ 500.00
2 Guests- Dad and Daughter; Gift
$ 250.00
2 Guests- Dad and Daughter
$ 75.00
ADD ON OPTION: $75.00 Per Each Additional Daughter Ticket Purchase
$ 500.00
Event Signage: Recognition on all printed materials (DOES NOT INCLUDE TICKETS)
$ 300.00
Event Signage: Recognition on program only (DOES NOT INCLUDE TICKETS)
$ 20.00
Enter Number of Corsages to Purchase. Price is per corsage. Please note: corsages are included if purchasing a King of Hearts or Dancing Hearts table

Enter Dollar Amount
Total Fee(s)
Credit Card
Billing Name and Address
Additional Information Needed
Please choose an option regarding photos of you or your guests being used to promote the event.
Please provide the Number of daughter(s) that are accompanying you to the dance.
Please provide a name, age, school and shirt size for each daughter attending the dance. The t-shirt sizes are Youth XS to Adult XL
Ex: Mary Short, 5, Staples Elementary, Youth-small; Bonnie Short, 7, Plum Creek Elementary, Youth-Large; Sara Lambert, 7, Staples Elementary, Adult-small
Please note: Shirt sizes or availability cannot be guaranteed for registrations received after February 1st.
Please list the Attendee's Name and their Food Allergy/Intolerance for EACH attendee for whom this applies.
Put N/A, if no one has an allergy or intolerance.
Please provide the names of the guests that will be sitting at your table, not including you or your daughter(s). Example: Fred and Mia Jones; Tom, Jane and Lucy Miller; Wes Smiley and 2 daughters
Please list any seating arrangement requests here. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.