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Bridging the Gap: Strengthening Cultural Competencies of Transracial Adoptive Parents

Presented by Gladney University via GoToWebinar


White parents who have adopted transracially often learn about the cultural differences between their own norms and that of their children’s as these differences collide. This presentation seeks to give those parents a cheat code to learn the best ways to avoid some cultural faux pas when parenting Black children. “Is it ok to call my child ‘Black’ or should I say ‘African American?’” “Why are the terms urban/thug/ghetto considered inappropriate?” “What is African American Vernacular English/Black Vernacular English? And should I correct my child if they use it?” “Should I use slang to connect to my child?” “What if my child fears the police?” These questions and more  will be answered in this presentation.


Ebony Mack - Gladney University Speaker
Ebony Mack hails from NYC where she received a BA in psychology from City University of New York. She obtained her MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018 and was honored to be the speaker at the ceremony for her graduating class in Social Work. She also became a member of the Phi Alpha honor society that year.

Ebony’s perspective is derived from being an adoptive parent, an adoptee, and a social worker. She has over fifteen years of professional experience that includes seven years helping families and children navigate the journey of adoption. She is a proud mom of her 22 year old son, who came to her family at age 17, and her daughter, who was just born in December 2018.


December 1st, 2020 1:00 PM   through   2:00 PM
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