National Council


While I am honored to lead Gladney as President & CEO, there is no greater title I wear than Gladney Dad. I personally witnessed the incredible impact adoption has on so many lives when my wife and I adopted a young boy from the Texas foster care system. Every day, we walk the journey of adoption with him and with all of you. Every day, we are reminded of the importance of Gladney’s presence.

Edna Gladney believed, and the entire Gladney Team and I still believe today, every child deserves a loving and caring family. We take that belief very seriously and are confident that with the Gladney Family in our corner, we will be successful. Since 1887, Gladney has been creating bright futures through adoption. When we think of bright futures, some of the words that come to our minds are hope, family, connection, love, care, healing, and opportunity.

Whether you have adopted/are adopting an infant domestically, a waiting child from state foster care, or a waiting child internationally, our hope is that your child and your family as a whole have the opportunity for a bright future. On behalf of the wider Gladney Family, I wish you the best on your journey. I encourage you to be curious – ask questions, get to know other families who are similar to and different from you, and celebrate the lessons you learn and relationships you form. One step leads to another, and you will see connections along the way – the people and experiences that make you and your family who you are.

I hope you stay connected to Gladney over the years, and if we have not met, I hope our paths cross soon.


Mark Melson
President & Gladney Dad